Best Water Bottles For Hiking

Staying hydrated is very important especially if you’re sweating on a hot day. Losing water through sweating can lead to dehydration and serious health complications. This is why we need to stay hydrated especially if you’re hiking on a hot day. Hikers usually bring along essentials like a GPS device, maps, hiking sticks, binoculars and … Read more

Great Solar Powered Camping Lights and Lanterns

The Clever Creations Premium Solar Powered LED Lantern with wood grain stainless steel design.

In the past few years, these alternative Eco-friendly solutions have expanded from home use to outdoor activities that requires more. Specifically in camping, quality lights are essential to move around the campsite and to light a shelter. For beach camping on the other hand, this requires more durable materials with waterproof abilities against the splashes … Read more

Best Life jackets For Outdoor Fun

The Yellow ONYX MoveVent Curve Paddle Sports Life Vest.

A personal floatation device (PFD) or better known as a lifejacket gives you more buoyancy so that you can stay afloat in water. PFDs are essential gear for kayakers, fishermen, boaters and even campers of backpackers who want to frolic in the water. Yes you might know how to swim but PFDs give you extra … Read more

Top Axes and Hatchets for Camping

Several hatchets stuck in a tree stump on a camping trip.

The Best Camp Axes & Hatchets For Your Next Outdoor Adventure When you’re outdoors there are many chores that can’t be handled with a knife. Chopping firewood, digging and driving are something even the sturdiest knives will struggle to handle. For chores like these you need a good axe or hatchet. Aside from camping chores, … Read more

Best Sand Play Toys For Kids At The Beach

Camping with kis can be a lot of fun if you bring some great beach toys.

These Cool Beach Toys Will Ensure Your Summer Trip With Kids is Fun and Memorable Summer trips often involve beaches, and beach trips are more fun for kids when there are cool toys to accompany them to the sandy destination. The beaches that are visited may be on the banks of a mountain river or … Read more

Inflatable Camping Pillow Gear Guide

Inflatable trvel and camping pillow gear guide

A Good Inflatable Camping and Travel Pillow Is Better Than A Rolled Up Sweatshirt We all want to sleep well when we’re camping and/or backpacking. Getting rest is important because spending a few days and nights outdoors can be strenuous and resting is one of the best ways to recharge. However, finding a pillow that … Read more