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Best Snacks For Camping and Hiking

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Paying attention to your diet is very important when camping and hiking. If you’re going to spend time outdoors you need to be in the best of health. Always remember that help is many miles away so the food you eat should keep you energized not make you sick.

Here are some of the best choices for camping and hiking snacks.

Beef Jerky

This is an all-time favorite across people of all ages. While we don’t have anything against brands like SlimJim, there are other noteworthy manufacturers that sell delicious beef jerky.

One of our favorites is Duke’s Small Batch Smoked Meats. They focus on hand-crafting their jerky in the traditional manner. They have their own marinating process and seasoning that makes their jerky truly one of a kind.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, Krave Beef Jerky has flavors like pineapple orange, sweet chipotle and basil citrus for a unique twist on what you’re used to.

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Dried Fruit

There are many dried fruit you can purchase in grocery stores or you can make some yourself. If you can carry fresh fruit, this is great but dried fruit has less risk of getting spoiled and are also more transportable. Dried fruit like apples, banana, blue berries and raisins can help boost your energy on the trail.

You can buy dried fruit from most grocery stores or buy a fruit dehydrator to buy your own and have endless supply of dried fruit.

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Granola is another popular outdoor snack. It’s healthy, nutritious and crunchy. But don’t just go for any granola. Try 18 Rabbits Veritas Granola. It’s a healthy dose of chocolate in the morning. Aside from cacao nibs, it contains 230 calories every 3 grams and is sweetened using honey and maple syrup.

Also try McCabe’s PB & Chocolate Granola. It has 420 calories and is a healthier alternative to sugary cereals in the morning.

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Energy Bar

Campers and hikers are always active and when energy runs low, they need to recharge with an energy bar. CLIF Kit’s Organic Fruit and Nut Bar is a good choice for recharging. It contains around 200 calories per bar depending on flavor. Best of all they don’t crumble or fall apart inside your bag. Plus, they’re gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free.

Larabar is another great choice. It doesn’t crumble too and can easily be broken into pieces. It tastes delicious too.

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Trail Mix

This is another camping and hiking snack that you can either buy or make yourself. Start with nuts like cashews and almonds. Then move on to legumes like peanuts and soybeans. Then add dried fruit like raisins, craisins, apples and apricots. Throw in some pumpkin and sunflower seeds too. Lastly add some bits of chocolate like M&Ms or chunks of your favorite candy bar.

These snacks are not only great for camping and the outdoors but whenever you’re craving too. They are ideal for fuel and healthier compared to pretzels and potato chips. Monitor your water intake too to ensure that you stay hydrated outdoors.

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